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Anybody can translate. You take a dictionary and you‘re in business. But a good translation requires a lot of skills: a large vocabulary, impeccable grammar, knowledge of both cultures and the capacity to translate what is actually being said such that it sounds like the most natural thing in the world. In subtitling, there‘s also the reading speed, a true dictator. On TV people generally speak too fast to get everything in the subtitle. But that subtitle must instantly get across what is being said. Everyone has an example where that went hideously wrong.

When you‘re watching TV and you‘re tired, subtitles are nice. Someone has already done the work for you. Sometimes that someone was me. At FilmVertaling you‘re at the right address for good translations.

I was sworn in as a translator by the The Hague court in 2004.

"I thought it was only us Italians blundering around Africa, but then I saw what the Americans were doing, what the English were doing, what the French were doing..."

TED Talk by Ernesto Sirolli:
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